Where do I start off by oh yea
When I first met u I was not in a good mindset
So I didn’t know what to do
I said to myself that girl right there is going to be mine
I didn’t have the words to tell u how I feel because I was afraid of rejection then I remember what my mom told me she said if I wanted to long I would miss my chance
So I paced back and forth just to see what I was going to say to you and then when you were alone I walked up to you and said how old are you didn’t know what to say
So then after that we hit it off
Then I asked you for your number but I ended up giving you mine
I stayed up looking at my phone seeing if you would have called but there was nothing
I felt so embarrassed
But then the next day we pushed everyone back and we just talked for a while and I found out we had the same birthday and we had so much in common
I felt happy for the first time in a while but after our birthday I looked for you the next day you was gone
I was like what happened to that happiness that I found but then I comes to find out that you wasn’t in the right mindset as well then we made official I made you mine my goal was complete